Daulatabad Fort

When Muhammad Tughlak ascended the Delhi throne, he was so taken by the fortress that he decided to move his court and capital there, renaming it Daulatabad, "the City of Fortune". He ordered the entire population of Delhi to move out en masse to the new capital.

Daulatabad Fort, a rock-hewn fortress dominating the landscape, from a 600 feet high mesa-like flat terrain, is 14 kilometer away from Aurangabad City. Daulatabad Fort is one of the world's best preserved Fort, survived without being altered. Daulatabad Fort is said to be only occupied by cheating. A series of secret, puzzled, endless passages lounge curved like a python amidst the fort. Here blazing torches were push upon enemies. Or hot oil poured down his path, as he deliberated in the maze. The Fort itself lies in the body of an isolated hill; the steep hill - sides at the base falling so sharply to the moat that no aggressive troops could scale the height. The moat, 40 feet deep with mechanical drawbridges full with crocodiles.
The defenses were extended during Muhammad Tughlak, battlements and fortresses were built, mounted with huge bronze cannons, and several rings of walls with battlements guarded the approach. Several inner walls with heavy iron gates fitted with elephant spikes were encircled by a six kilometer outer wall. Inside these walls is a 40 feet deep moat, with a drawbridge, leading to the original citadel. The plateau's solid rock sides were then scraped vertically flat to a height of 250 ft., for extra added unease of access.

A 5 kilometer strong wall, artificial scarping and a complicated series of defenses made Daulatabad Fort secure. The 30 meter high Chand Minar (Tower) built much later with 3 circular balconies had a defensive and religious role in the Fortress. This circular tower with three balconies has similar features to Qutub Minar in Delhi. The lowest part of the minar is a square construction with arch-shaped openings, and 'mehrab' like niches inside. It may have functioned as a small mosque. In one corner of the construction, there is a Persian inscription. The base of the Chand Minar was built in the Tugluq period, whereas the central part is assumed to have been built by Ala ad-Din Hasan in 1346, to celebrate the conquer of Daulatabad Fort.

Daulatabad Fort: How to reach Daulatabad Fort

You can reach Daulatabad Fort by Air, Train or by Road as per your convenience and money you want to spend.

How to Reach Daulatabad by Flight
The nearest airport is at Aurangabad, 22 kms away from Daulatabad Fort. Aurangabad has a good national airport, which is well connected to major cities like Mumbai, Delhi & Hyderabad.

How to Reach Daulatabad by Rail
Aurangabad Railway station is nearest one to Daulatabad Fort, which is approximately 15 kms away. There are a plenty of private car services you can hire or you can avail the bus service from railway station to the fort.

How to reach Daulatabad by Road
There are regular buses from Aurangabad to Daulatabad Fort. Alternative you can hire private car, there are plenty of tour operator you can avail service from. The drive from Aurangabad to Daulatabad Fort takes half hour.

Getting Around Daultabad Fort
There are few interested places to visit near Daulatabad Fort, Kagzi Pura, very well known for old technique for paper making mills, in fact its name drive from itself , Kagaz (Papar), Kagzi pura. its around 8 kms from Daulatabad.

Head 2-3 kms from Kagzi pura and you come to the place of sufi saints, 'Khuldabad’ in farsi means ‘Entrance to Heaven’. Many great people are having their tombs here, like Mughal emperor Aurangzeb's tomb, Zarzari Zar Baksh's tomb (a muslim sufi), Malik Ambar's tomb (viceroy of Aurangabad City) and many more, This place is really religious, calm, beatiful and you can feel the peace of mind here. There is a really beautiful sunset view point in Guest House area in Khuldabad.

Head to 2-3 kms and you will come to the Bhadra Maruti temple at the historical, is where rests Bajarang Bali Hanuman, one of the most dutifully worshiped gods in Hindu religion.

Daulatabad Fort: Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit Daulatabad Fort is during the months of October to February (winter season) and from June to September (monsoon season), these are the best time to visit Daulatabad, as the weather is really pleasant during these months.

Although March, April and May are holiday season (most of the school & colleges are shut downs during these months) in India, but the temperature is really high during these months i.e. between 37 °C to 44 °C making the weather really hot and humid making it difficult to travel around the caves.
Daulatabad Fort: Visitor Information Centre

For more information about Daulatabad Fort you can contact the MTDC office in Aurangabad at below address:

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